Catherine J. Kelley
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 35

Living With DivorceDivorce is very common, perhaps because more and more people feel it is the only answer for their marital problems. In the United States alone, about 50% of marriages end with divorce. Some say that this is due to the ease of divorce in the modern world. In the last century, divorce was much harder to accomplish and was also severely frowned upon in many cultures. Today, divorce has become a lot more manageable both financially and legally, which some believe is why so many people are leaving their spouses. This reasoning may be true, but quite a few of the reasons for divorce can be traced back to a lack of communication.If you or a loved one is suffering through a failed marriage or even through a rough divorce, this guide will help you understand why people divorce and how to cope with your new marital status after the paperwork has been finalized. People in the ...
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