Claude Whitacre
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 120

For Small Business Advertisers OnlyStop Listening To Advertising Reps That Don't Know How To Make Advertising PayInside The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual you'll find the following:-How to know if your advertising is paying off.-How to avoid all the advertising mistakes that cost you BIG.-Tips that can double your ad profits.-How only 2% of our gross sales generates 70% of our profits.-What advertising methods are a complete waste of money and why.-The 8 myths that advertising reps tell you.-The single most profitable part of any ad, that most advertisers completely ignore.-The most profitable ways to advertise, and why.-Where you can get Free Advertising for your small business.-The real secrets of getting wealthy in your own business.-Why most of your Yellow Pages advertising money is wasted, and how to make your Yellow Pages ad profitable.All This And More For The ...
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