Nina Whyle
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 314"Now this is a rom-com written with style. It is clear from the very start that the author is both intelligent and has a wicked personality and this all comes across perfectly in the very likeable protagonist, PoppyA fun chick lit novel about naughty sex, true friendship, and finding love in unexpected places."Warning: This book contains flashing images of a sizzling sexual nature, one night stands, beautiful dresses, various lush locations, unbelievably handsome men, love, and true friendship.Just as twenty-five year old Poppy Phillpot gets her life back on the right track a massive spanner is thrown into her life - oops - an unplanned pregnancy. But for the love of a patchy memory, who's the daddy? Rewind three months earlier (or thereabouts)... Poppy has taken charge of her life, dumps the long-term boyfriend (King of Tedium), leaves the daily grind of coffee beans ...
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