Richard Creasey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 103

London.The body of a gifted scientist is found dead. The police think it was an overdose.But the special agent Doc Palfrey thinks it was murder. Jacob Goldstein was a a gifted scientist specialising in robotics.As the Doc starts to search Goldstein’s home for clues, he becomes trapped in a burning wall of fire. By the time he escapes the brutal inferno, he realises that not just England is being targeted. Uncontrollable fires are breaking out in cities all over the world - Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, New York, Washington and Los Angeles…The whole world is going up in flames. As a member of Z5 - an international intelligence organisation dedicated to fighting the deadliest threats to mankind - Doc is thrown into a race against time to find the source of the deadly attacks before hundreds of thousands are killed.Who could possibly be starting these fires?How are they managing to target ...
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