Boyko Ovcharov
ASIN: B00C6X030G
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Pages: 106

There is a certain line of destiny for each one of us, which seems as if no one and nothing could ever change. Is that really so, however? Perhaps, some people would disagree.These are the people that will always believe that it may be changed because it is like a strip of sand, which remains after the tide at the seashore and is different every time.Part of those people is this couple – two young companions, who can still love and have their dreams. They are gazing at the profound essence of the world’s earthly, human time as well as the one of eternity within them, the heart one. A criss-cross of interweaving roads leads them far away but only a single one brings them back home.Quite often it turns out that it is in fact the longest, really arduous and sometimes the loneliest one. When taking a look at signs in life, we can see the recollections of anguish or short-lived ...
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