Vesela Tabakova
Publisher: Clean Fuss-free Eating Meals, Healthy Slow Cooker, Soups Best Sellers
Pages: 170

Are You Looking for Some Healthy Family Meals Under $10In my family we are no strangers to stretching the dollar, living in an ex-Communist country that is still one of the poorest within the European Union. We are always living paycheck to paycheck, so we find the cheapest ways possible to cook meals that will feed our family of five. Our favorite recipes are strongly influenced by traditional cuisine and contain a lot of simple, hearty foods. When I think about it, every meal in my house is a comfort food and is also cooked with the budget in mind.The Everyday Cookbook: contains some great tips on cooking on a budget as well as 130 recipes for savory soups and stews, satisfying salads, hearty casseroles and delicious desserts.At the end of the book you will find FREE BONUS RECIPES: 10 organic and nourishing skin masks and body scrubs you can easily prepare at home because after saving ...
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