Peter Skyler
Publisher: Lormor Internet Ventures, LLC
Pages: 32

Bug Out Bag preparation – why worry about such things, anyhow?When I was a young man, I had the honor of being a member of the Boy Scouts. My parents encouraged me to join scouting. I like to think that they wanted me to get some useful skills and meet new people - they like to say that it was a great way to get me out of their hair. Either way, I spent a number of years camping and learning to love and survive the outdoors.What does this have to do with a Bug Out Bag you ask? Well to be honest, everything. I have spent years building, in my opinion, the ultimate resource for bugging out. The resource that I am talking about is the mindset of preparedness. What I am going to do is to share that mindset with you now; because if you don’t have the mindset, your chances of surviving a disaster are extremely diminished.Over the next few pages I am going to take you for a little walk ...
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