Michele McGrath
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 169

Find the Assassins! Before they try again.Praise for Duval and the Infernal Machine: "A well-written and well-researched, historical fictional novel"Author Dolores AyotteI became an instant fan of Michele McGrath when I gobbled this book at one sitting. It is a historical romance blended with suspenseful police action set in post-Revolutionary France, and a thumping good read! It would make a terrific movie. All the characters are multi-dimensional, even the cameos, such as the feared Minister of Police, a Jacobin regicide. I'm totally hooked by the unassuming hero and first person narrator, an injured French soldier returning from service in Germany with only a letter of reference to secure his future.Anne CarlisleInvalided out of the French Army, Alain Duval joins the Ministry of Police in Paris, led by the infamous Joseph Fouché. Newly appointed and off duty, he is strolling ...
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