Michelle Isenhoff
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 237

Finalist in the kid-judged Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards.Lexile score: 700LSometimes life gooses you when you're not looking. You might be happily coasting through days in a little New Jersey suburb, dreaming about Jennifer Williams and making plans to see the new movie showing uptown when--bam!--everything changes in an instant. Your family moves overseas and suddenly you're hacking at water demons with a four-foot blade...I was chosen from among all others to complete a task I did not want. I was told I'd have help. I was told I'd be in capable hands. Then I met my guardian angel.I am so doomed.Lauded by kids for its snarky humor, the Taylor Davis series was first published as two 6-episode serial adventures tailored specifically to reluctant readers. Each 50-page episode contains high action, crazy predicaments, bigger-than-life characters, and a nail-biter ending that ...
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