Debra Collins
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Standout Drill Team member, tall and tan high-school senior Debra had a life to be envied. Living in a suburban house on a tree-lined street in sunny Southern California, by all observations, she was the American ideal and on her way to live-out the American dream. But every day, Debra’s horrid little secret, became harder and harder to keep buried.Debra always thought she was a good person, but what was happening to her in her own home, wasn’t good. Somewhere inside she felt it must mean she was bad and that she was being punished, or that she would have to take the punishment to save her brothers. In this country an estimated one out of every four women (and one out of every six men) is sexually abused as a child. Six out of ten times, the abuser is a male family member or friend of the family. Victims of sex-abuse experience higher than average rates of depression, suicide ...
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