Rodolfo Pardi
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Pages: 113

White King in d1, White pawn in d2, Black King in d8. White to move. Depending on your move, you could win, or simply draw. This booklet is only about this fundamental pattern, where nothing is left to chance or sheer luck, only one move out of the possible moves wins, two pawn moves (one or two squares), and two King moves (1st or 2nd rank, right or left).If you know the continuation and the reason why, just skip this book then, it will not be of any help to you. But if you don't, go on reading. When directing blitz tournaments, I watch closely the players in zeitnot, say five percent of endgames are K+P vs. K; I see a lot of fancy moves, without any strategy.The side with the Pawn can win, if able to occupy the critical squares and to mantain the opposition.The side without the pawn can draw if the opponent does not know the technique of opposition and the location of critical ...
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