KB Shaw
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 248

Is revealing the truth worth the disruption of a society? Fallon is a young man with special talents and the willingness to explore. He lives in a peaceful world that has no concept of war, or murder, or even love. It is a society that prohibits histories and pledges itself to “The Service of Today and the Building of Tomorrow.”Fallon is torn from his sheltered life and drawn into a subversive group where he becomes a chronicler of discoveries that threaten to destroy the very fabric of Neworld. Neworld Papers Series 1: The Historian's Tale is a coming-of-age story for not only Fallon, but an entire world. It has action, adventure, and romance grounded solidly in thoughtful science fiction that will have readers talking. Raven Grimaldi, editor/author, says Neworld Papers presents “… a likable young hero and a thought-provoking look at a controlled society and what can happen ...
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4.5 stars from 28 ratings
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