John Dennan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 18

Scooter the Camel is the first in a series of children's booksfor ages 3 - 6 which is written in a fun way but also will teach children aboutcamels and their desert habitat. This book is a fun story about 'Scooter'who is a Dromedary camel and who is a boy who likes adventure. It is the schoolholidays and Scooter and his friends are bored so they go to his Poppy and askhim to give them some suggestions for some fun and to keep them busy. Poppy made a suggestion and never dreamedthat they would get anywhere with the adventure, but in the end, not only thewhole family gets involved in their desert adventure, but the whole village aswell. This is a really fun series of books thatyoung children can listen to. Not only that there are lots of funny picturestoo! The author has researched facts aboutcamels and interspersed these throughout the book.WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS BOOK?To teach your ...
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