Linda Cousine
ASIN: B00DT74T94
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 341

In Book 2 of her Middle-Aged Hottie “Wit Lit” series, author Linda Cousine continues her tongue-in-cheek account of one woman’s struggle with life after 50. Sometimes your best rebound… just might be your Ex.Lexi Taylor is no stranger to midlife crisis. After all, a menopausal meltdown landed her at the Sunnyvale Sanitarium Home for the Mostly Menopausal for a ninety-day stay. Since finding her sanity there, this former supermodel’s faculties are back on track. She puts family first, and is on the road to patching things up with her ex-husband, Richard, who seems intent on turning up the heat between them.But when Richard moves back in, he brings his buddies from his pro wrestling career with him—a gentle giant, a cannonballing midget, and a monkey with a police record. Lexi’s Bel Air home has become a regular three-ring-circus. Add a new ex-husband with erratic mood ...
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