Sahara Foley
Publisher: Creativia
Pages: 139

More than 150+ 5-star reviews in Amazon and Goodreads.The Twilight Zone meets H.R. Giger's Alien.One day your three cats disappear. The next day, your girlfriend. And you think something that’s living in your basement killed them.A strange case lands on Lieutenant Flynn's desk, as he's assigned to investigate the disappearance of a couple and their three cats. It's as if they have vanished to thin air. A few years later, Detective Pete Alvarez investigates a gruesome death of an immigrant in the same house. Along with Detective Carter, they must uncover the truth behind the disappearance... but what they discover is evidence of something completely different.Do they dare go into the basement to confront it?"...It Lives in the Basement is as good - and as terrifying - as it gets." -Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite-
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