Marc Kuhn
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 215

DEAD LETTER is a fiction romance mystery destined to become one of this year’s romantic suspense best sellers. It’s a love story book that spans four decades from World War 2 to the 1980s. Robert and Sandra are passionately in love but their relationship is challenged by jealousy, world war and a misguided letter that Robert receives just as he’s leaving for boot camp. As the romance drama unfolds, so devastating is the letter he received that Robert writes Sandra in distress and gives her clues to look for a treasure he has left behind for her. But his letter is nearly destroyed in the mailroom of a ship bombarded in battle. The envelope is indecipherable and it’s stamped as a “Dead Letter” to be destroyed. But a mail clerk is intrigued by the treasure it speaks of so he, and years later his adult son, become obsessed with searching for the letter’s destinaton—a ...
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