Amber Richards
Publisher: Amber Richards
Pages: 43

Product Description for A Pioneer Girl Learns to Cook - Apple Pie & Biscuits ebookThis is an educational book about the life of a pioneer girl, the process she had in learning to cook and other aspects of pioneer life. It’s written mainly for girls between the ages of 8 – 13, depending on the reading levels and interests of the individual. There are pictures in this short chapter book of pioneer life to help visualize the times. It’s a realistic look at life, tools, and equipment used in pioneer days, obtaining food ingredients, and how they kept food safe with no refrigeration. My hope as an author was to help girls to connect with, and get a feel for life in early American history in an engaging way. Differences are highlighted between pioneer life and modern life today.The book ends with a project for girls to try to duplicate, with an adults’ assistance, the process of ...
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