Mr. Frank Rocco Satullo
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 289

Funny and wild times make for an enjoyable read one short story at a time in this humorous and entertaining memoir book about getting into mischief while growing up and parenting. Have you ever met the kind of person that people gravitate around to hear a story? If such captivating verbal storytelling were captured in written words that take only two or three pages to tell, made you laugh out loud and want to read aloud to whomever was present, you’ll love, “Here I Thought I Was Normal: Micro Memoirs of Mischief.” These stories are your stories, sort of. And that is why so many people have enjoyed them. The wild, funny and touching tales may trigger memories of your own similar experiences. Others live vicariously through the adventures. Some are appalled at times. The short stories in the collection have curious titles such as Streaking, Gore Orphanage, Wrestling a Bear, Crazy ...
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