Alex Devaney
Publisher: YA & Military Teen Guide Publisher.
Pages: 87

Amazon's 2017 Best Selling WW2 Navy Boxset. Military Teenager Series.'*FREE SAMPLE OF NEW RELEASE: 10 MAY 2017: SNIPER BOY#1 (WW1 Thriller & Suspense Story)YA & Teen Sniper Boy Series:*(Click into link on copyright page): Two WW1 sniper boys from opposing sides form a bizarre truce. Both have secret missions to execute for the Somme. Only one can leave the forest alive. Which one? For fans of Cornwell's sniper sharpe series - Burgess and Patterson's sniper bookshot thrillers. NAVY BOXSET REVIEWS:4 Stars. 'Amazon Reviewer.' (USA Site).The box set provided the information in a unique style. I enjoyed reading it and can recommend it.4 Star Amazon Review. (Australian Site) Richard Quine.I have a strong interest of WW2 and found the boxset to be very well written and informative. I would strongly recommend.5 Star Amazon Review (USA Site). Alex Main.Very enjoyable read, thoroughly ...
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