Catalin Gruia
Publisher: 37-Minutes Publishing House
Pages: 96

Vlad and the Vampire : The Double Life of DraculaRomania is best known to the world as Dracula’s country. But go there and ask about Dracula and you’ll be puzzled. The Count remained until very recently unknown in his own homeland. Romanian communists banned all vampire fiction until 1990. Even nowadays Romanians have a schizophrenic attitude towards Dracula. They are tempted to transform Dracula into a tourism agent to cash in Western money, but at the same time they’re afraid they may be bartering away their history. Romania’s problem is that Dracula lived for real. He was neither a vampire, nor a count and never reigned in Transylvania. The stories about Vlad III Dracula, a 15th century warlord prince of Wallachia, a small Romanian principality, were horror best sellers long before Bram Stoker’s famous novel. According to a 1499 pamphlet published by Ambrosius Hubler at ...
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