Erika Whitley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 63

Let's be honest here for a moment... How many weight loss books have you tried in the past, and how many of those books have worked? If you're like the majority of women struggling with their weight, you have probably looked at quite a few diets - all promising the Earth, but ended up feeling bitterly disappointed when they didn't work. The truth is, in order for ANY weight loss book to work, your mind must be focused on what you desire most: looking in the mirror and recognizing the person staring back at you!Meet Erika Whitley. Her new book 'Protein Diet - 5 Days To A Slimmer You' helps ordinary people like you and I lose weight quickly and healthily. Maybe you have reached a point in your life where you are unhappy with the way you look? Perhaps your weight has spiraled out of control or you feel, bloated, sluggish, even unattractive? STOP! You know how you feel, and you ...
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