Mike Evers
Publisher: Mike Evers
Pages: 194

There's always more to a town than meets the eye. You just need to scratch the surface. The quiet town of Hopfield is no exception. There are everyday people doing everyday things - just like where you live. But history has a way of coming back to find us. And the voices of the past can change our lives forever. Three fabulous fables for your delectation and delight - now in one enchanting edition:The Spirit ArcherCampaign of the GodsMark of the Legion "This is a novella that is entertaining, informative and imaginative. It's a wonderful story that put a smile on my face." (The Spirit Archer; Ann Werner, Amazon)"This is a good fun read which I really enjoyed. I particularly liked the way the scenes cut back to the gods and their fated board game and the effect that had on our world of 'Midgard'. A great, light-hearted bit of fun." (Campaign of the Gods; Ignite, Amazon)
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