Mark Lukens
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 230

Ancient Enemy - it's been asleep for centuries and now it's awake. It wants things ... and you have to give it what it wants ...Seven hundred years ago the Anasazi people built massive cities in what is now the southwestern United States ... and then they vanished.Stella, an archaeologist specializing in Anasazi culture, and David, a mysterious Navajo boy, are on the run from something terrifying. As they flee up into the snowy mountains of Colorado, they are carjacked by criminals escaping a botched bank robbery. Caught in a blizzard, they must take refuge in what they believe is an abandoned cabin. It's at this cabin that they will face horrors beyond their imagination.What reviewers are saying about Ancient Enemy:"Mark Lukens proves to be a master at escalation and evoking empathy for his characters; his settings are so realistic that one has the urge to grab a warm blanket (and then ...
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