Berthalicia Brown
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 131

'Essie left the church that night a changed person. She told Leonard that she was going to quit smoking and drinking that night. She told him that she was going to give her heart to the Lord. Essie's words were simple, but they were bafflingly true. Essie went cold turkey. She never smoked another cigarette. She never took another sip of alcohol. She got baptized within two months of finding God.'Excerpt #2“Essie my child, do you believe in miracles?”Was this truly a miracle? If it was a miracle, was it a miracle by God or was it a miracle by the good reverend? Could it just be that the good reverend was simply fulfilling his own selfish desires? What would you do if placed in such an awkward situation? Read this touching novel and find the answers for yourself.If you understand and can see the wonderful beauty in God’s forgiveness, you will be touched by this simple story of ...
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