Gia Scott
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Fruitcakes, whether you love them or think they are ugly doorstops, are a traditional part of holiday sweets. Preserved by soaking in brandy, bourbon, or rum for weeks or months, they have a very long shelf life if kept wrapped tightly too. That has always endeared them to homemakers who were guaranteed a delicious sweet to serve with tea or coffee if unexpected guests should arrive.Today, more fruitcakes are the production of a factory bakery than the home kitchen, but the best ones are always homemade. Whether you like a heavy cake chock full of nuts and candied fruit, or prefer lighter ones made with dehydrated fruits, there is sure to be a recipe that will become your own specialty.32 different fruitcakes, including “un-fruitcakes” that do not resemble traditional ones at all, no-bake versions that probably do not qualify as cakes, and more traditional recipes featuring ...
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