William Massa
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 200

WHO MURDERED DRACULA? Over the centuries, many had tried to kill the Count. All had failed. Until now... Eight vampires — all the spawn of Dracula — gather at their master's estate to solve the mystery of his murder. But as a new day dawns, a voice cries out and another creature of the night is slain. Trapped, the sun burning bright outside, the apex predators realize they have met their match - a diabolical killer who plans on picking them off one by one. As the day wears on and their numbers dwindle, a terrible suspicion grows -- could the killer be hiding in plain sight?A MYSTERY THRILLER WHERE THE VAMPIRES ARE THE VICTIMS."It is fun to see vampires switch from being predator to prey. The story is essentially Ten Little Indians meets SAW with vampires." - Taliesin meets the Vampires “This book was a very original take on the vampire story.The pace was ...
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