Cary Caffrey
Publisher: Alcyone Studio
Pages: 393

EXCERPT:Suko slid down next to her, her eSMG in her hand. "Whatever we're doing, we better do it fast. Looks like they brought air support."Sigrid didn't have to look. She could feel the low rumble of the heavy thrusters firing, growing louder. Still kilometers away, two air vehicles were moving quickly toward them. They were gunships, Thunderhawks, and they were moving fast, closing on their position. Quad cannon mounts extended from their sides, swinging into firing positions and taking aim.They were outnumbered, and the situation was deteriorating quickly. These mercenaries might not be the enemy she was looking for, but they were still men, and they still hunted them."If you have a plan," Suko said, her eyes fixed on the incoming gunships, "now's the time to share it.""Plan?" Sigrid unholstered her sidearms. "We kill them all."SYNOPSIS: Alcyone is gone. The Independent stronghold ...
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