Mike Pettit
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 73

NOIR CRIME DRAMA. DAMION WOLF, ASSASSIN. There are men among us that lead lives of quiet desperation sitting on the sidelines watching their lives speed by. There are others that are adventurers, fearless and seek danger, powerful athletes, intellectuals, soldiers, and statesmen. Then there are the men that live moment to moment, in the shadows, moving silently, striking, and melting back into the night. Men that are incapable of feeling remorse, guilt, or contrition. These are the men best qualified to solicit when a needed service is required and a final notice given. They answer only to those that pay the asking price, and to men in power that need their services for political gain or enrichment. Damian Wolf is one of those men, not by choice, but by deception. He is framed for the brutal murder of his new bride, sentenced to death. After six months on death row, he is offered ...
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