Cecilia M Pulliam
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 312

Mark rolled over. “Are you okay?”“I can’t sleep. I think I’ll go downstairs for a while.”“You want some company?”“No, I’ll be fine. You sleep. I’ll read, or play Solitaire, or something.” “Okay, just don’t do any more furniture moving.”“I won’t!”She grabbed her robe and stomped out of the room. Downstairs, she went into the den and curled up in her chair. She stared out the window. A full moon illuminated the back yard, casting long shadows across the lawn. She didn’t notice. Neither did she see the trees dancing in the wind, or a few loose leaves fluttering past. She didn’t hear the plaintive howl of the neighbor’s dog or the yowl of a stray cat. She saw a terrified girl and the cold eyes of a monster. What would you risk to save a child?Susannah Carlson believes she is willing to risk anything. When an old Indian man appears in a dream and ...
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