Cecilia M Pulliam
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 300

A full moon illuminated the back yard, casting long shadows across the lawn. She didn’t notice. Neither did she see the trees dancing in the wind, or a few loose leaves fluttering past. She didn’t hear the plaintive howl of the neighbor’s dog or the yowl of a stray cat. She saw a terrified girl and the cold eyes of a monster. What would you risk to save a child?Susannah Carlson believes she is willing to risk anything. When an old Indian man appears in a dream and shows her the kidnapping, brutalization, and horrific death of a young girl, Susannah rushes to intercede. In doing so, she incites the angry retribution of the pedophile and sparks a spiritual warfare that spans two continents.The old Indian promises the flames will not burn her ― if she holds onto her faith. Yet, when things go awry and people get hurt, doubt and guilt slip in, shaking her faith. Will it be strong ...
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