Philip Storey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 39

The first pieces in this short collection have not been published before and were originally written for a fly-tying magazine. The author was invited to write them, having sent the editor a speculative letter – he does that a lot – but then heard nothing more. That happens a lot too. Not with The Angling Times, though, which commissioned the Bad Angler columns. A few of them are included here – the rest are collected in The Complete Bad Angler.There follows an extract from Year of the Spider, which documents a year’s fly fishing on the River Tees in the North-East of England using spider patterns from TE Pritt’s 19th Century classic, Yorkshire Trout Flies.The collection finishes with a recipe from Cooking for Dads – a book written at the behest of a publisher just before the worldwide financial crash pushed promises between gentlemen onto the back burner and then turned off ...
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