Rita Webb, TJ Webb
Publisher: Robot Playground Inc
Pages: 196

She’s the Beauty. Can the Beast break her curse before the monsters break her?I’ve never told anyone my darkest secret.I can feel people’s emotions, see their auras, and soothe their pain with a word. I don’t really know what that makes me. An empath? A psychic? Or am I just a freak?But that’s not the worst of it. A demon whispers in my mind. At night, it murmurs lies in my ears; by day, it manipulates everything I see, so I no longer know what’s real. It uses my own powers against me, controlling my emotions. I’m living a nightmare, but I can’t wake up to escape.The demon threatens to destroy everything I care about, and now it wants me to kidnap and murder a paranormal creature. Refusal means excruciating pain or sleepwalking into oncoming traffic ... again. Or worse, it will hurt someone I love.I don’t dare refuse, even if I have to steal from my friends, sell my ...
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