Claude Whitacre
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 168

Stop Making Sales Call after Sales Call, On Prospects That Are Never Going To Buy From You. Imagine Closing 80-90% Of Your Prospects On Your First Sales Appointment, Without Having To Lower Your Price. One Call Closing Reveals How To Do This. Have you ever had a prospect give you any of these objections? "I want to think about it" "I need to talk to my lawyer/brother/spouse before I go ahead with this" "I can't afford it" "I can buy it cheaper at (your nasty competitor)" "We always sleep on it before we decide" Are you tired of talking to prospects that won't ever buy, and string you along? Does It make you sick to tell your loved ones "It's a number's game, I'll get the next one"? That all ends now. Start Increasing You Sales by 200-500% This Is The Insider's Guide To Closing Sales: Finally, Get The Secrets Your Sales Manager Will Never Tell You And Probably Doesn't Know. Inside ...
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