Heather Blackwood
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 334

Book 3 of The Time Corps ChroniclesThe Time Corps Chronicles is a fantasy series that moves from worlds much like our own to those where the mythical is real and the impossible is true. Clockworks, ancient spirits, time machines, talking animals and other things both beautiful and strange wait for the travelers daring enough to find them. But moving between worlds comes at a price.Astrid dreams of escaping a dull job at the California boardwalk and moving to New York for art school. But after a series of unexplainable events, she is forced into a conflict spanning multiple worlds. Her fate is tied to Yukiko, an odd woman with a puzzling abilities and dubious motives. Together, they must discover the secrets of the borderland between reality and illusion, their world and others.Meanwhile, Astrid’s cousin Elliot has troubles of his own. One day, he’ll be Neil Grey’s partner in the ...
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