Anne Makela
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 16

Hurricane Katrina devastated the lives of people and animals alike. This is the story of a dog named Onnie, a Neapolitan Mastiff who survived the storm and then safely traveled almost 1,000 miles to a new home thanks to the kindness of strangers and volunteers who made sure that Onnie would have second chance at life. There was very little known about the circumstances of Onnie's rescue. She had become an anonymous number in a vast group of pet animals who, as surviving victims of the hurricane, were relocated time and again in an effort to save their lives. Onnie's story was written as a tribute to the countless volunteers who worked with the rescued animals of Hurricane Katrina; Onnie's story was written in admiration of the endurance and trust demonstrated by one dog who survived Hurricane Katrina. But most of all, Onnie's story was written with love on behalf of those people ...
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