Clayton Lindemuth
Publisher: Hardgrave Enterprises
Pages: 377

From the author of Cold Quiet Country and Nothing Save the Bones Inside HerWhen people lie to Baer Creighton their eyes glow red and he experiences a small burst of electricity. It hurts to suffer liars… and Baer learned long ago that everyone lies.So he sleeps in the woods outside his house, converses with his sole companion, a pit bull named Fred, and distills special blends of fruited moonshine. When Fred is stolen, fought in an illegal fight circle and left for dead, Baer vows to set things right. He has all the skill he needs to find each man present at the fight circle that night and park a pile of hell on his front porch. But when he tips his hand he becomes the hunted, and the war he thought would be settled in a single attack becomes a battle of attrition with violence coming at him from all angles. When the battle escalates to the unthinkable, Baer concocts a retribution so ...
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