Clayton Lindemuth
Publisher: Hardgrave Enterprises
Pages: 377

Backwoods distiller of fruited moonshine, misanthrope, and dogman Baer Creighton discovers his loyal pitbull Fred mangled and left for dead on the roadside. Baer ratchets up the moxie in this very dark comedy, searches out the participants in the illegal fight ring where they enjoyed his dog's misery, and sets out to destroy them with all the brutality he can muster. Evil doesn't come easy for Baer Creighton, but it comes. ...perfectly evokes the woods and hollows of the Carolina hills. Baer's voice is as textured as the landscape... and the brutal acts that he describes are timeless and primal. -- Kirkus Review When people lie to Baer Creighton their eyes glow red and he experiences a small burst of electricity. It hurts to suffer liars... and Baer learned long ago that everyone lies. So he sleeps in the woods outside his house, converses with his sole companion, a pit bull named ...
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