Bernard Lee DeLeo
Publisher: RJ Parker Publishing
Pages: 315

Note: Just released on September 14, book 8 in this series. Cold Blooded: Rule of Nightmare "Bernard Lee DeLeo's COLD BLOODED series owns the cutting edge of modern crime fiction. Action, suspense, humor, it's all there! Block out some time, because once you start one of these masterfully written adventures, you won't want to stop. I had to tear myself away to get some sleep!" Andrew Peterson, bestselling author of the Nathan McBride Series Rachel Hunter witnessed her husband being murdered a year ago and since then, her and her 7 year old daughter, Jean, are in the Witness Protection Program. Rachel works as a waitress, and is at work when she first meets Nick McCarthy, a New York Best Selling Author of an Assassin book series. However, his writing is a cover for his real profession, an Assassin. His next assignment - take out Rachel Hunter, but Nick can't do it, and instead ...
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