John Phythyon
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 242

A murdered mage. A legendary sword. A chilling destiny.Calibot thought he’d escaped his domineering sorcerer father. Now a poet in the court of an influential duke, he finally has everything he ever wanted – comfort, approval, and the love of the perfect man. But when his father is murdered, Calibot’s idyllic life is shattered. He must retrieve the body from a distant city and lay it to rest. If only it were that simple.Everyone wanted his father dead, and now they’re after Calibot. His only defense is the legendary dragon sword, Wyrmblade, his lone bequest for a miserable childhood. Enchanted within the sword’s steel are the secrets to unlock even greater power, perhaps even mastery of The Known World itself. But using its magic could cost Calibot his soul. Worse, this may have been his father’s intention all along.As he struggles to complete the mad last wishes of the ...
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