John Phythyon
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 242

A past he can’t escape. A future he doesn’t want. A destiny he must avoid.Calibot thought he had everything he ever wanted. Deeply in love with a kind and caring man and penning poetry in the court of an influential duke, he can’t imagine a better life – content, fulfilled, happy. Most importantly, he is free of the misery of his sorcerer father, who wanted him only to learn magic, to follow in his footsteps as the greatest wizard in history. But when his father is murdered, throwing The Known World’s political order into chaos, Calibot discovers his destiny is still not his own. Bequeathed a legendary magical sword, he is charged with retrieving his father’s body and laying it to rest. It’s a mission he wants no part of. But the sword can make its wielder a king, and his father’s sorcery is too powerful to resist.Pushed towards a destiny he’s denied his whole life ...
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