Jamie Fuchs
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 35

If you liked 50 shades of Grey, you’ll LOVE this story!Craving for the next one !bidzini (Smashwords user)The raw lust that is Taken is simply delicious! It makes me want to be the master’s dirty little slut.A.Z. Smith (Smashwords user)After reading Kept, I knew there had to be more and Taken did not disappoint.Anne Smith (Amazon user)I told myself I’d never go back to him after finally giving in to the urges two months ago. Once was enough, that was all I needed... at least, that’s what I tried to convince myself to believe.No matter how much progress I made, the cravings continued to test me. I still hid below his open window, listening intently to the screams of pleasure he brought to woman after woman as I desperately tried to satisfy myself. It was no use. I needed the real thing. When I saw him at the mall everything fell apart.Enjoy your reading time again!This is part 2 ...
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