Lacey Dearie
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 81

The festive season should be a time for generosity and goodwill, but in Glasgow, Leger finds that is not the case. His human companion's attempt to raise funds for a CAT scanner for a local hospital has been thwarted by a callous thief who has stolen decorations from her seasonal garden display. Now Leger resolves to mend Annabella's broken heart by finding the thief.With Ginger nursing her newborn kittens, Isabella confusing him with erratic behaviour and Bob more interested in Hugh's discarded slipper than helping solve this mystery, Leger's only clue comes from an unexpected source - a chocoholic mouse named Nigel.The heroic Glaswegian cat sleuth returns and this time, he has to go it alone.The Leger - Cat Sleuth Mysteries are suitable for all the family, however parents are advised to exercise caution when allowing children to read them due to Leger's recreational catnip use!
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