Glen E. Books
Publisher: Glen E. Books
Pages: 214

ABOUT THE BOOKTwo college students are suddenly thrown into a world of covert intrigue and assassination. Imagine being stalked at night across an empty campus, chased through empty hallways and cornered in a vacant laboratory, no one answering your calls for help. What would you do?Kantak Johnson, a native Alaskan, and Harvey Jamison are about to graduate from MIT when they discover how to make stealth aircraft undetectable by radar, a discovery that can change the balance of military power.Habeed Khan, military leader of a hostile Eastern alliance, learns of the students’ discovery and seeks to keep it from the West.As events unfold, the two hostile blocs, East and West, each build stealth warplanes that the other can’t detect, neither knowing what the other side has. Then they dispute an old treaty that fixes the price of Eastern oil. The dispute leads to skirmishes; a ...
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