Candice Raquel Lee
Publisher: Readerly Books
Pages: 447

I was eaten, plain and simple. It felt like being burned alive, like every cell in my body was exploding. Then everything stopped—my breathing, my heart, my pain.We all start out innocent… Alexa Wyndham is a terribly sheltered girl from Brooklyn with a mysterious past. Her views of the world are formed from the poetry and literary novels she reads. Now on her own at a college in Manhattan, she finds that the big bad city is just waiting to eat her alive. A stunning kiss from a stranger nearly ends her life. Her would-be lover is after her flesh. It contains a powerful energy, and the supernatural creatures of the city are willing to do anything for a taste of it. Alexa’s only hope of survival is eight-hundred-year-old, Cristien LaRoche, a world-weary monster, a medieval knight, and a man tormented by his murderous past. The moment they meet sparks fly, and an epic battle of the ...
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