Candice Raquel Lee
Publisher: Readerly Books
Pages: 447

I was eaten, plain and simple. It felt like being burned alive, like every cell in my body was exploding. Then everything stopped—my breathing, my heart, my pain.We all start out Innocent… Alexa Wyndham is a painfully sheltered NYC college student with a mysterious past. She is an Innocent in every sense of the word. She doesn’t believe in dark myths, or evil monsters or marriage (until after she graduates, of course), but when she meets Cristien LaRoche everything changes.Alexa doesn’t know it but her new boyfriend is an eight-hundred-year-old medieval knight sworn to protect her from the supernatural creatures that crawl through her dorm window every night trying to kill her.While she dreams of him, Cristien fights to save her, so she can wake to another ordinary day. But to be near her, to protect her and give her a fairy tale romance, Cristien will hide the truth and spin a ...
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