Candice Raquel Lee
Publisher: Readerly Books
Pages: 446

"It was deep, poetic, sweet, romantic, breathtaking, beautiful, hilarious, heartbreaking, mind-blowing... It made me laugh. SO MUCH! It made me cry too. A lot."* "I was eaten, plain and simple. It felt like being burned alive, like every cell in my body was exploding. Then everything stopped-- my breathing, my heart, my pain. . ." We all start out innocent…A night out in New York City lands freshman college student Alexa Wyndham in a myth where anything can happen even true love and monsters. But with all myths there are terrible trials, hidden dangers, shocking truths, horrible betrayals and desperate enemies. Alexa’s only hope of survival and the biggest threat to her life is Cristien La Roche, a medieval knight, a world-weary monster and a man tormented by his past. Alexa is everything Cristien desires, but with a touch that can kill, he is just as likely to take ...
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