Jason Brandon
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 282

#1 Best Seller in Sea Adventures FictionIn Jason Brandon’s post-apocalyptic world, a deadly plague and its aftermath have killed most of humanity. Few survivors are left to inherit the Earth, but Jack and his family are among them. As an Historian, Jack knows that the answers to the questions posed by this new terrifying world can all be found in the past. Only the past will save the present as he and his family navigate the dead world of the apocalypse and work to build a new world by using all but forgotten lessons taught long ago. “ARGOSY is a literary triumph over the pulp that dominates the post-apocalyptic genre.” "Bestselling author Jason Brandon is strong out of the gates with his novel ARGOSY. Apocalypse, Dystopia, Science-Fiction, Thriller, History buffs will love the details. Every fan of the post-apocalyptic genre will have a blast reading this.""This is the kind ...
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4 stars from 61 ratings
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