Scott Chapman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 160

Crushed in the Antarctic ice, the wreck of a ship lies seven thousand miles away from where it was reported lost over a century ago. Nearby, the bodies of her passengers and crew wait entombed, frozen in time.The lost ship is now at the centre of an international race against time played out against the tense backdrop of the South Atlantic as Britain and Argentina jostle for ownership of the seas around the Falkland Islands.Peter Sparke, an international crisis manager, is brought in to uncover the truth behind the fate of the ship and the enigma of how the life of one young officer of the Kaiser's navy a century ago holds the key to the truth.ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON:Join Peter Sparke on another exciting adventure in The Templar Vault.* Scott Chapman, Templar Vault, Amazon Number One book, October 2013
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