TJ Franklin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 140

Do You Love Feeling Inspired? “3 Sixty Five” Is Your Guide to 365 of the GREATEST Inspiring Quotes to Live By Discover some of the best advice from the greatest philosophers, authors, influential figures and foremost thinkers of our time. Learn the secrets to success, life, love, happiness, and fruitful longevity. Nowadays, too many people live their entire lives never coming close to manifesting their dreams. Don't let this be you! Sometimes it's the smallest simplest things that can make us smile and lift our spirits, such as kind words from a loved one, the laughter of a child, a fun song, or a great quote. This book contains 365 POWERFUL quotes to start your day off right each and every morning. This book will instantly INSPIRE you, EMPOWER you, and CHANGE you! In This Book You'll Learn From Greats Such As... Helen KellerMother TeresaAlbert EinsteinNapoleon HillSocratesMahatma ...
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