John Hennessy
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Pages: 164

Want martial arts explained quickly, simply and in a way that WORKS?The Essence of Martial Arts: Special Edition covers practical ways to fight, with a philosophical real world approachThe Essence of Martial Arts: Special Edition is a new, unabridged version of The Essence of Martial Arts (2011).Featuring insights and methodologies from an experienced martial arts instructor, tips on competition, self defence for women, morals and ethics of martial arts, plus much more, the book intends to be a companion guide for all who purchased the original, or new readers who want the more up to date version.Author notes:-In 2011 my first book was released. I have learned a lot about the publishing process in that time, and share such insights on my blog. However, I do believe martial arts of all levels will find this new version of note, and is one that I believe will enhance their skill level.The ...
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