Nancy Omeara
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 154

“Hate” dosen’t just happen—it is created. Find out how, and what you can do to stop hate and all the collateral damage it causes.Hate crimes, hate speech, hate groups, discussions that flare into screaming matches, deep-seated animosities used to justify violence and killing ... all of these are obvious; they’re out there for all to see. But what lurks unseen below the surface? What creates these things? How is it possible to boil one’s blood and enrage the soul? Creating Hate – How It Is Done, How to Destroy It presents a solid theory about what causes hatred and how hate multiplies.More than the theory, the book provides ways to recognize when hate is the underlying agenda, in both written material and verbalized, no matter what the sugarcoating might be. The author’s succinct and smart writing will give you a more informed view from which to watch, read or listen to ...
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