Nhys Glover
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 154

The object of fear and hatred because of her colourless appearance and gift of prophesy, Brennwen has spent her short life trying to stay hidden from an ignorant and abusive world. But she can’t stay hidden from her prophetic dreams of unavoidable disaster that seem more curse than gift. Especially when one such dream concerns the soul of her child; a child she lost in the womb; a child who has reincarnated into a family of feared Romans. By leaving the safety she has found and joining forces with the enemy, can she change the destiny she has foreseen and save her son from his fate?All Roman patricians aspire to power, glory and valour. Gaius believes he has fallen far short of those aspirations by becoming a military clerk and the diplomatic face of the Governor of Britannia. Since the death of his wife, he has buried himself in his work, resigned to being a failure in all areas of ...
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