Jason Ayres
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 220

When Jason Ayres entered a competition to become Britain's Official Sausage Taster for the 2013 Sausage Awards, he hadn't really expected to win. His unexpected triumph soon led to a whirlwind adventure in the world of sausages! From tastings to awards, newspaper reports to radio interviews, the author found himself thrust into the limelight as "The Sausage Man".For a man with a lifelong love of pork products this was a dream come true - his equivalent of scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final.Now you can read for yourself the full story of his six month adventure, from humble beginnings to fully fledged sausage taster. Along the way, there are anecdotes and factoids galore. Want to know the length of the world's longest sausage, or why we call sausages, "bangers?" It's all here and more - plus off-the-wall new recipe ideas (sausage mince pies, anyone?) and the answers to some ...
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