Yeenli Lau
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Pages: 387

What spurs a mid-career woman to abandon her job, friends and life, for the siren call of France? Wine, food, perhaps charming French men…In the Asian society, three things are paramount: i) Excel in your studies; ii) Get a good job and career, preferably in a staid professional field (medicine, law, accountancy…); iii) Get married and procreate. I have met my filial expectations with respect to Paramount items i and, arguably, item ii. The series of jobs I have held are with respectable companies, in utterly respectable roles, and, in placing myself in Singapore, I am masochistically playing the role of worker ant. On Paramount item iii, well, my parents have not been pleased. But I'll save that for another story. And then, one day, I fall under the spell of France. Ah, it must be the French glamour and luxury, you say! But no, I am a veritable man in my shopping habits. Might it ...
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