T. J. Brown
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 396

Amazon Best Selling Comedy Thriller.Arch skeptic and poster boy for the age of reason, Dr Newton Barlow thought he knew everything. Now he knows better. Turns out that there is not only an afterlife, it’s his only available career path. Up against the very worst of human nature, Barlow is going to have to forget everything he ever believed in if he's going to save this world – and the next.What readers have been saying about The Unhappy Medium:"All I can say is wow." "A fascinating take on life and the afterlife with loads of heroes and villains and adventures between the pages. If you don't care for droll British humor, you probably will not only not enjoy this book, you won't understand why the rest of us are rolling on the floor." "Check reality at the door, sit down and enjoy this offering by a new author. Humor and fantasy - what more could you ask?" "...hilariously clever with ...
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 312 ratings
BookLending.com Rating:
2.5 stars from 2 ratings